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Got a beard, got a talent? The millions of men who raised their hand are in luck. Last year, men’s grooming company Wahl launched the first-ever ‘Most Talented Beard in America’ contest, where hairy-faced men from across the country filmed themselves showcasing their best talents and brush. The top three contenders walked away with the following prizes:

  • 1st place: $20,000 and the ‘Wahl Man of the Year’ title
  • 2nd place: $10,000
  • 3rd place: $5,000

Wahl is once again searching for furry phenoms, and in addition to the above prizes, this year’s winners will also get a visit from Wahl’s mobile barbershop and an arsenal of grooming gear.

“We created this contest to spread positivity and celebrate all of the bearded guys out there,” said Steven Yde, division vice president for Wahl. “We were blown away by the talent last year and even more impressed with the inspiring stories of our top three winners. It’s our hope that we can again find exemplary men who are making the world a better, or ‘bearder,’ place to live.”

How you can enter

From now until Aug. 6, 2021, you can submit a video of your talent and your beard to the contest entry page. You can also get to the page by following @WahlGrooming on Facebook or Instagram.

What skills can you showcase? The possibilities are endless. Whether it’s singing, juggling, martial arts or something no one’s ever heard of, Wahl encourages you to show the world what you got. Wahl’s facial hair experts will select the top ten fuzzy-faced finalists based on their talent, creativity and beard grooming abilities. Each finalist will get $500, plus a Wahl Lithium-Ion Stainless Steel Trimmer and a new Beard Care line starter kit. Public votes will then determine which three finalists receive the big cash prizes.

Do you have what it takes?

No one knows what talent is in store for this year, but 2020’s winners may give you a good idea of who might take home the gold. Here are the three winners from last year and their stories:

1st place winner

Jonathan Brannan from Ocean Springs, Miss., didn’t have an easy facial hair journey. When he was finally able to grow a beard, his career as a TV reporter didn’t allow for it. However, once he left the business, he said his beard could finally flourish. What won Brannan the top ‘Wahl Man of the Year’ title and $20,000 was his ability to carry a tune and drop a dad joke, all with a good set of facial hair. He used his winnings to cover the cost of adopting his new son, who arrived in April 2021. Brannan said he never knew how displaying his beard loud and proud could pay off. “I took a chance and put myself, and my beard, out there,” he said. “In my family’s case, winning this contest was literally life-changing.”

2nd place winner

Benjamin Taylor from Glenwood, Md., is a biologist who happens to be deaf. He’s a man who loves the outdoors but has a few hidden talents as well. In his video, Taylor showcased his inner magician, fire artist and comedian, all through sign language. He donated some of his $10,000 winnings to an organization that provides resources to families with deaf children.

3rd place winner

Cliff Prowse from Little Rock, Ark., is a versatile musical producer, composer and instrumentalist. Affectionately known as the “Bearded Fiddler,” his multi-instrumental talents and his beard landed him the third spot. His $5,000 prize was more than welcome when the music industry took a hit during the pandemic.

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