Almitra Loofah Sponge – Natural Bathing Scrub (Pack of 3)


Loofah Sponge is derived from the vining plant in the Cucumber and Melon family. It’s a natural cleaning scrub that is perfect for exfoliating your skin. It removes oil built up in the skin and helps unclog the pores which in turn makes your skin look much fresher and smoother. How to use Loofah?
1) Make the loofah sponge wet with warm water which will soften it and then add soap to it. Gently rub it against your skin in circular motions which will remove all the dead skin cells.
That’s what makes Loofah sponge a great natural exfoliator.
*Material – Plant-Based, Luffa
*Care – Rinse it after every use and hang it to dry in the sun. Avoid drying it in the bathroom where it’s likely to get moist and attract bacteria.
*Disposal – put it in Compost
*Packaging – We ensure that all our packaging is eco-friendly
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